Nature is filled with botanical treasures, and the coconut palm is one of them. Our Kokodama was born out of the primal power hidden in this so-called ‘Tree of Life’. 99% natural, 100% biodegradable, filled with fascinating greens. A natural alternative to the standard plastic plant pot, handmade with care in Sri Lanka.

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We are René van Kester and Monique Ouwerling, two plant and coconut enthusiasts with a strong drive for responsible entrepreneurship. René is the maker; his background in coco fibres allowed us to develop the idea for the KOKODAMA and make the bowl into what it is today. Monique takes on the creative side of things, and her experience as a florist helps us fill the bowls with all kinds of botanical wonders. Since we founded KOKODAMA in 2014, we’ve been looking for ways to constantly develop and evolve our product into the most natural and sustainable plant pot, and do whatever we can to give back to the Sri Lankan community that helps us with this venture.

Our mission is to inspire, and to help you create your own piece of indoor nature with the KOKODAMA!

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-creators of Kokodama

99% coco

Did you know the coconut palm is one of the oldest trees on the planet? For centuries, this so-called ‘Tree of Life’ has provided us with all kinds of basic necessities, from food and drink to oil, shelter, and clothing. Our Kokodama is made from 99% natural coconut fibre, bringing this ancient knowledge into our modern way of life.

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We surround ourselves with plants because we long to be more in touch with nature. Our minimal or crowded modern interiors need a sense of harmony, a green focal point. To us, it makes sense that our plants and their pots should create a balanced and harmonious whole. A handmade, natural product that brings a sense of authenticity to any interior.

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We care about our environment, the state of our planet and the people we share it with. Whatever we take from our environment to make our Kododama, we return in full. The Kokodama is 100% biodegradable, which means you can return it to Mother Nature whenever you please.  Our product is made by hand in Sri Lanka, where every Kokodama sold helps stimulate the local economy.

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No more stress about picking the perfect plant pot- we’ve already got that figured out for you. The Kokodama’s coconut fibre bowl creates a practical solution to any plant placement problems. No more room on your shelves? Hang your Kokodama from the ceiling. Don’t want to go all out with the urban jungle trend? One or two Kokodama succulents are enough for a subtle natural touch.

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Combined with natural materials, bright colours and clean shapes, the Kokodama becomes a design lover’s best friend. Because of its practical shape and size, the combinations and styling options for the Kokodama are endless. We encourage you to get creative with your plants and create a green, lush interior that suits your tastes.

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