The Kokodama is a botanic beauty. Her coconut fibre bowl creates a cosy and sustainable home for trendy and unusual plants. Hanging from the ceiling, sitting on a table or standing on the floor, the Kokodama can find her natural habitat in any interior.

We, the creators behind Kokodama, are big cocos fans. Everything we do revolves around coconuts. WE LIVE & LOVE KOKO!

Kokodama Jungle

You will get that #urbanjungle vibe in no time with the Kokodama Jungle collection. Hanging and trailing plants picked to help you create that botanical vibe with ease. Think a happy and easy to care for rhipsalis, a rapidly growing scindapsus or a lush fern or two. These jungle natives only need a little of your attention every week to thrive.

Kokodama Hortus Botanicus  

Create your own botanical greenhouse with these unique Kokodama houseplants. Each plant is picked for its unique characteristics and finds a perfect match in our Kokodama bowls. Since we’re always on the hunt for new and unique plants, the Hortus Botanicus collection changes with both the times and seasons.  Visit the collection often, and you will always find a new specimen for your living room botanicus.

Kokodama Garden

Take it outside! Because the Kokodama is 100% biodegradable, it’s the perfect and most responsible candidate for cheering up your garden fence or balcony railings.

Especially if you have a small garden, or limited balcony space, the Kokodama Garden collection will help you create a lush green outdoor oasis without having to become an experienced gardener.

Kokodama Desert

Sometimes, less is more. The Kokodama Desert features cacti and succulents picked for their easy care and stellar looks. This collection is perfect who those looking for just a hint of green without too many care instructions, or those looking to add some greenery to the most unlikely of places. Why not have a plant as car mirror charm? The Kokodama Desert plants are sturdy specimens that will survive even the most forgetful of plant owners.

Kokodama Flower Farm

There is nothing quite like watching your plant grow a perfect, bright flower. The Kokodama Flower Farm features plants picked specifically for their ability to form the most fascinating florals. A funky bromeliad becomes a real eye-catcher hanging in a coco fibre pot, and even a simple kalanchoe goes from average houseplant to floral design piece.

Kokodama Orchid Forest

Did you know orchids grow on trees in the wild? We know them as flowering plants placed neatly in a plant pot, but in nature orchids let their extensive roots run wild, climbing up trees and hanging upside down from branches in a rainforest. Kokodama orchids stay true to their tropical nature, dangling from your ceiling like queens of the forest or standing tall in their coco fibre pots.