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Kokodama Maranta

Prayer plant

Bring a touch of serenity and beauty into your home with the Maranta. This elegant indoor plant owes its nickname to the unique behavior of its leaves, which stand upright at night and unfold during the day, as if they are in prayer. This exceptional plant distinguishes itself with its decorative leaf patterns and striking shades of green. The Maranta is not only an aesthetic addition to your interior but is also known for its air-purifying properties.

Kokodama Care

Medium care

Kokodama Care

Light, No Direct Sun

Kokodama Care

15 - 25 °C

Kokodama Care

Once per week


tips & tricks

The Maranta is not only enchanting to look at but is also relatively easy to care for. Place this plant in a location with bright, indirect light to prevent leaf damage. Ensure that the soil remains lightly moist by watering it once a week. This plant thrives best in a warm and humid environment, so occasional misting with water is appreciated, especially in dry climates. If the leaves no longer stand upright at night, it's a sign that it needs a bit more water or humidity. With care and attention, your Maranta will reward you with its beautiful leaf patterns and soothing presence.

The plants that find their home in our Kokodama have been selected with care. All our plants require little water and are therefore easy to maintain. Each and every product is provided with an interior paper cup to make the Kokodama waterproof. Create your own piece of indoor nature by combining different sizes, species, and plants!

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