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A gift from nature




Handcrafted from real coconut fibers, Kokodama brings you the essence of trendy and green living
A gift of nature!

Natural materials, eye-catching plants and easy care: the Kokodama will become your interior’s best friend with ease. Because of its practical shape and size, the combinations and styling options for the Kokodama are endless. We encourage you to get creative with your plants and create a green, lush interior that suits your taste.

Enrich your living room with Kokodama

Authentic green living


Our Kokodama was born out of the primal power, hidden in the so-called ‘Tree of Life’: the coconut palm.


Every product is entirely without plastic. The Kokodama features an interior papercup and a protective layer, ensuring a waterproof lasting beauty. 


Eco-friendly plant pot, 99% natural and 100% biodegradable. A natural alternative to the standard plastic plant pot. 

On-trend planting to elevate your indoor oasis 

The plants that find their home in our Kokodama have been selected with care. Plant hunting is part of our nature, and we’re constantly on the look-out for trendy and unique plants and new ways to integrate them with our coconut creations. It’s our mission to inspire, and to help you create your own piece of indoor nature. 

A gift from nature


Hanging or standing, the Kokodama can find her natural habitat in any interior 


Every plant is unique, no matter how its grown or where it comes from

Nature doesn’t do mass production. Every plant you see around you can be distinguished from the next, is completely authentic, and yet brings a natural balance to your home. Our Kokodama is no different. Every single one is handmade, and none are quite the same yet when combined with a plant and placed in a personal interior, create a harmonious whole.
Enrich your living room with Kokodama


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