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Kokodama Tradescantia

The Tradescantia, with beautiful varieties such as Albiflora Nanouk, Zebrina, and Sweetness, is a fascinating plant that will transform your home into a tropical paradise in no time. This charming indoor plant is known for its vibrant, graceful leaves that range in color from rich green to deep purple and sometimes even silvery-white. This versatility makes it a work of art in itself and is a trendy choice for any plant lover!

Kokodama Care

Easy care

Kokodama Care

Light, No Direct Sun

Kokodama Care

15 - 25 °C

Kokodama Care

Once per week


tips & tricks

Tradescantia is a robust and easy-to-care-for plant. This plant needs water approximately once a week on average and grows incredibly fast. If it lacks water, its leaves will droop and become dull in color. If this happens, water the plant immediately. It's important to let the soil dry out briefly before watering the Tradescantia again. The ideal location for this plant varies depending on the species. Varieties with dark leaves should be placed in a darker spot than those with lighter leaves.

The plants that find their home in our Kokodama have been selected with care. All our plants require little water and are therefore easy to maintain. Each and every product is provided with an interior paper cup to make the Kokodama waterproof. Create your own piece of indoor nature by combining different sizes, species, and plants!

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